The OSH Webinar Series give an opportunity to learn from OSH experts across the world. The short series are designed to provide a platform for the exchange of experiences and discussions on selected topics of interest from research work done, regulatory affairs, and occupational hygiene practice. 

International Perspectives on Occupational Safety and Health

Ms Pinky Bhatt, a Senior Occupational Hygienist with Johnson Matthey, UK, and an FOH Committee member, British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS) with international experience from among other countries India, Austatlia, Singapore, Middle East, UK and US was the guest speaker.

Ms Bhatt shared her wide experiences on OSH challenges and successes, gained from working in different parts of the world in different capacities.

You can watch earlier 2021 webinars below:

An insight into hazards of occupational exposure to chemicals

In many workplaces, one would find various chemical products used in significant amounts. Workers are exposed to these chemicals daily, many without understanding what such exposures do to their health.

In this webinar, chief eng. Abdulqadir Mohamad (Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority), with expertise in the control of chemical products,  gave an insight into hazards of occupational exposure to chemicals taken for granted, and some regulatory aspects.