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Occupational safety and health is a broad science with different angles. OSH professionals may work in specific areas according to the competencies. Undoubtedly, there are many interesting sides of OSH that some people may not be entirely familiar with. 

We at OSH Pro Services intend, with Learn in 3 minutes, to bring forward useful knowledge, briefly, that we hope may awaken interest in the viewers to learn more on that topic. The Learn in 3 minutes gives an introductory, but comprehensive understanding of the topic.

We hope you will find the material useful and interesting.

What is Work Environment?

Most people would understand right away when one mentions workplace safety. How many can confidently explain what Work Environment is and what it entails? Is Work Environment synonymous to Workplace Safety? This short video elaborates on what Work Environment is, and how one can attain a good work environment.

Challenges of occupational safety and health

We can confidently state that there is no place in this world where there are no occupational safety and health challenges. The level and type of the challenges would vary from one region to another, even from one sector to the other, within the same country. Here is one such example.

Occupational toxicology

Chemicals at workplaces are among the most important hazards, and with very high risks. Yet chemicals in many workplaces are secondary to other workplace hazards. This short video is meant to bring to the attention of the view some basic, but important information on chemicals and their hazards.

Workplace internal control

Occupational safety and health work is a continuous endeavour. The workplace has to put in place measures to safeguard the workers’ safety and health and have activities that constantly remind the involved of their roles and responsibilities. Internal control is an important part of workplace health and safety programs implementation.

Working at heights

In various workplaces, working at heights is the norm. It is difficult to avoid working at height in workplaces such as construction sites. Work done two metres above the ground is considered as working at height and proper safety measures need to be put in place. This video provides some essential and good advice on working safely at heights.

Improving output of OSH professionals’ work

Different workplaces have different challenges when it comes to implementing ODH requirements. The differences are due to the activities undertaken at the specific workplace. However, in terms of safety and health, the baseline is the same. This video presents some essential good practice elements all OSH professionals should have in mind.